P.A. Day Disclosure: November 17, 2023

In accordance with the Ministry of Education鈥檚 new Regulation 304, 鈥淪chool Year Calendar, Professional Activity Days,鈥 the 好色tv (好色tv) is providing the following summary of P.A. Day activities for Friday, November 17, 2023. Elementary 鈥 Parent/Guardian-Teacher Interviews In the morning at elementary schools, parents/guardians will have an opportunity to meet with … Continue reading “P.A. Day Disclosure: November 17, 2023”

School-day Online Payment Tool

School-Day is an online cashless system for use by parents, teachers and office administrative staff. We are implementing School-Day to minimize the handling of cash by students, teachers and office staff, to reduce paper, and to streamline office efficiencies.   School-Day can be accessed from any web browser and gives parents real-time, secure access to … Continue reading “School-day Online Payment Tool”

Public Information Session – St. Cecilia

Good afternoon. As communicated to St. Cecilia families on June 28, 2023, the Board of Trustees has directed staff to review the聽secondary school feeder alignment聽for the St. Cecilia CES community. The secondary boundary review process is underway. The Local Boundary Review Committee (consisting of the school principals, school superintendents, the local Trustee, Planning Services staff … Continue reading “Public Information Session – St. Cecilia”

Board of Trustees Commits to Anti-Bullying Efforts

May 30, 2023   鈥淲e are many, we are one in Christ.鈥 鈥揜omans 12:5   Dear Families of the 好色tv, Last night, the Board of Trustees of the 好色tv committed to expanded efforts to end bullying and harassment in its schools for all students 鈥 especially for 2SLGTBQIA+ and Black students, … Continue reading “Board of Trustees Commits to Anti-Bullying Efforts”

School Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations to our 好色tv schools that are celebrating their Milestone Anniversaries this year!聽 The following schools have confirmed that they are planning their celebrations. For more information or for anyone wishing to attend, please contact the specific school. May 2 – St. Michael the Archangel (10 years) May 3 – St Mary CES (25 years) … Continue reading “School Milestone Anniversaries”

Statement from the 好色tv re: April 25, 2023 Board Meeting

The 好色tv heard two delegations at its Tuesday, April 25, 2023, Regular Board Meeting regarding the possibility of flying the Progress Pride Flag at the Catholic Education Centre during June. At the end of the first delegation on this issue, a number of members of the public gallery became disruptive. When … Continue reading “Statement from the 好色tv re: April 25, 2023 Board Meeting”